Friday, April 8, 2011

MFM - PaPago - Malaysia Singapore Map 3 April 2011

There are 2 versions of MFM-Papago Map.

A) Custom MFM-PPG-110403C
Supported Devices/Softwares
*M3MGPS Papago X3, X5~X7
*Eastgear Papago X3
*Papago X5 for Android
*Papago M6~M7 for iPhone

Download Link:

B) Standard MFM-PPG-110403S
Supported Devices/Softwares
*Papago X5 & X6 for Windows Mobile (Retail)
*HTC Touch Cruise bundled with Papago X3 - Singapore
*HTC Touch Cruise bundled with Papago X3 – Malaysia

Download Link:

Map Features
1. Junction views.
2. Lane assists.
3. 3D Buildings (courtesy of Papago).
4. Shaded intersections.
5. Toll booth alert (Selected toll roads).
6. Speed limit sign (custom version only).
7. Speed camera alert & icon display (custom version only).
8. Fast POI search.
9. Custom POI icons.
10. Malaysia highway symbol.
11. Announce approaching underpass, flyover, bridge, tunnel, parking area and rest area.
12. Singapore postal code (M3GPS X3/X5~X7 only).
13. Coverage of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. (South Thailand will be included in near future map release)

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